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More controversy surrounding CNN's yanking of Susan Roesgen's confrontation at a Tea Party event. This is Michelle Malkin's superb piece today on DHS's attack on conservatives and Patriot groups and individuals and ties in with the above story from The Miami Herald and the below story from infowars "secret-state-police" link and Chuck Baldwin's open letter also linked here Chuck Baldwin's 3/27/09 column responding to the State of Missouri's removal of the MIAC document that named him, Ron Paul and Bob Barr and their followers "domestic terrorists" Lou Dobbs Show video quoting Heritage Foundation assessment of the Amnesty DREAM Act currently in the U.S. Senate. Heritage's only mistake? Lou's quote stating "There are at least 30,000 illegal alien gang members in the U.S." Our link below from the FBI in January states there are 1 million gang members in the U.S., probably a conservative figure. Anyone care to guess as to how many are illegals? One third? Two thirds?

U.S. MILITARY BREAKING POSSE COMITATUS ACROSS THE U.S. DHS is at it again with the military, this time in Tennessee pullin' Americans over for seatbelt violations as a martial law exercise!! DHS On Guard For "right-wing extremists" WND story The Missouri State Police org MIAC categorizes supporters of Congressman Ron Paul, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin--all Presidential candidates--as "'militia' influenced terrorists"...Chuck Baldwin's open letter response CHP and Marines in So. Cal. team up illegally in December 2008 to man sobreity checkpoints U.N. (foreign) troops training in the U.S. May 28, 2008!!

Other Stories 4 more Americans, half a family, killed by an illegal alien truck driver plus another 4 seriously injured near Milwaukee Hillary's lie is a BIG one!! Only 17% of guns seized in Mexico are from U.S.!!,7177 Damning expose of DHS Chief Napolitano and what she's doing to stop immigration raids Rick Oltman's outstanding piece on the Border crisis and Napolitano's response to it A Patriot couple's plea to sheriffs around the U.S. to agree not to accept a possible martial law edict by Obama Dr. Edwin Viera's, Walter Reddy and Tim Dyer's org Another shining example of "yellow journalism" by The L.A. Times AMERICAN MUSICIAN DEPORTED FROM U.K. FOR BEING CHRISTIAN!! Mike Cutler's superb piece on Terrorists and Spies Traveling Freely in the U.S. S.F. police told to "keep quiet" by AG Eric Holder/Justice Dept. about allegations that Obama pal and fellow Communist and anarchist Bill Ayers killed a S.F. police officer in the 1970s Excellent piece by Bob Unruh on Clinton appointed Fed. District Judge Robinson's insane threat of sanctions on Phil Berg associate and local counsel Attorney John Hemenway in the Hollister Case Some background on this Clinton-appointed Federal judge
********************************************************************************************************************* Dr. Jerome Corsi says it was Samson, AL Police Chief who ordered U.S. troops into town Samson, AL Police Chief named in this March 10, 2009 story AG Greg Abbott finds that Sanctuary Cities in Texas violate Federal Immigration Law!! Here's a winner (sarc.)!! Some pro-real estate bozobrain from Millenium Wave Advisors is pushing an idea that won't pass the smell test. One superb Commenter posits, "How many 'immigrants' can you get into one house in YOUR neighborhood?" By far the best was this post, "Come to South San Diego, near the Mexican border and you will see what happens when you allow immigrants to buy houses...It turns your neighborhood into a barrio....then they party like crazy, park about 5 cars on the lawn, blast loud music all night and then trash the house once they get foreclosed on. Oh, did I forget to mention the crime rate goes up?" What he didn't mention of course is...they cause the home values in that area to plummet, further hurting taxpayers/homeowners. CIS folks STILL don't get it--it ain't 12 million!! Why don't the good folks at CIS, Heritage and other inside the beltway think tanks abre los ojos, wake up and smell the coffee? It's 30 million-plus, folks! This is scary! Un-American House Speaker Nancy Pelosi making an ass of herself by promoting Federal lawbreaking over the microphone Texas Senate pushes thru Voter ID bill!! Admission from an enabler, aider and abettor of illegal aliens that her "clients" are Federal lawbreakers Tragic story/editorial of another U.S. police officer shot by an illegal alien thrice-arrested drug smuggler...Please see the Comments section Original March 11, 2009 article from on this "federal fusion effort" in Missouri to combine Federal, state and local law enforcement together against militias and other Americans they don't like Here is undeniable proof that the illegal alien Mexican drug cartels are operating big-time in Atlanta 36 Congressional Republicans plead to Obama for quick fence completion ICE/DHS cracking down on Hawaiian businesses hiring illegals CONGRESS FINALLY DID THE RIGHT THING!! Our dear friend Mexico raises tariffs and tacks tariffs on U.S. goods--it's called WAR!! Now, what will WE do? Obama looks like he's going to cave to Mexican and Chamber of Commerce pressure...and Congress? Finally, an apparent victory over Bush's insane Mexican Trucks In The USA program, handed us by Congressional Dems, of all people! Check out the trucks squashing cars!! This blog writer states: "President Barack HUSSEIN Obama had the U.S. drop charges against the mastermind of the bomb attack on the USS Cole". While this is not a "new" story (Feb. 4, 2009), it is still newsworthy a month later This is a MAJOR story that should have conservatives in the Senate and House up in arms over! Where is DeMint? Where is Rohrbacher? Hillary-Obama giving almost $1 billion of taxpayer's money to the Palestinians/Hamas... March 5, 2009 NBC Brian William's Nightly News story by Correspondent Mark Potter on "U.S. Hispanic remittances";... Scroll down to see the story that the Bailout Maximus Act extends E-verify through September Bottom line? The Pew Study results indicate that the GOP would be better to take a hard line on illegals as brought to our attention by Tom Tancredo Jim Gilchrist's site's mention of the Sandra Levy murder story (murdered by an illegal alien) The FBI's pdf from January, 2009...1 million gang members 1 million gang members in the U.S...and how many are illegals? I estimate it to be 2/3s, or 600,000-plus Rep. Shadegg's Feb. 2009 bill to bring in 50,000 foreign nurses 2002 story of hospital closings in U.S.

Past Guest's Links A 3/30/09 story on Sheriff Joe's Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, this one a heroic tale of how the Sheriff's deputies received a call about some kidnappings and set up a sting, arrested some at the drop off point which led them to a house where seven more had been held hostage, naked and unfed for 3 days. Three more kidnappers were arrested. All are illegals. Another 3/30/09 story on Sheriff Joe's defense of the 287.g program which has resulted in the arrest and deportation of at least 23,000 illegal alien criminals...slanted against Sheriff Joe, in our opinion Sheriff Joe's amazing website Phil Berg's site Darla Dawald's resistnet page Mike Cutler's Feb. 26th column "Congress Fiddles While Rome Burns" Mike Cutler's 10/26/07 interview by O'Reilly on driver's licenses for illegals before it was shot down in NY state and the Governor resigned Superb piece by our recent guest Rick Oltman of CAPS on Obama's failing grade on illegal immigration Our guest Joan Swirsky's column in the NMJ from today 3/9/09 Oklahoma State Rep. Randy Terrill interview on youtube Ron Ewart's site

April 28th Guests' Sites Shawna Forde's site Shawna Forde in a 2006 Yakima Valley tv debate

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