APP: A Conservative Org Or A Group Of RINOs? (by Dave Levine)


UPDATE: Since I posted this piece, CPAC's new Chairman seems to be distancing the org from GOProud-like groups. The following is from Steven Nelson at The Daily Caller:


"Al Cardenas, the new chairman of the American Conservative Union (ACU), announced on CSPAN Wednesday that his organization, which hosts the annual CPAC event, will now vet organizations before allowing them to participate.


The statement hints that gay conservative organization GOProud, a group whose participation infuriated social conservatives, and other groups determined insufficiently conservative by the ACU may not be welcome at next year’s 2012 CPAC."


May not? Sounds like a lot of "wiggle room" remains!


There's a supposedly Conservative org I've vaguely heard of but had never checked out--the American Principles Project. Tell me, is there any truly Conservative org with the word "Project" at the end of its title?


Here's what APP's founders say in an open letter about conservatism and the CPAC move to the left:


"And yet, at the same time, a movement has begun within our ranks to marginalize part of the message—to try to leave social conservatives out of the coming conservative revival. This is a mistake.  Social issues are a fundamental part of the fabric of conservatism and our issues are vital to the health of the country as a whole.  When the organizers of CPAC joined the effort to marginalize social issues, the American Principles Project responded by boycotting the conference.


However, APP is committed to a full, healthy, vibrant conservatism that embraces all three legs of the conservative “stool” so often referenced by Ronald Reagan—social, economic, and defense.  We ardently hope to see the rebirth of a united conservative movement that fully embraces all of these issues."


Those running APP probably prefer not to discuss "the fourth leg" of that Conservative stool--illegal immigration. Notice that the heads of APP don't mention it. Why? Because Reagan wasn't a true Conservative and signed the biggest Amnesty the U.S. had seen in decades, bringing 2 million Mexicans a year into the U.S. and completely changing the demographics of America forever. APP heads saying that they "ardently hope" that the conservative movement "will be reborn, united" after agreeing that CPAC has marginalized the movement by moving to the far left on homosexuality doesn't make this Conservative any fonder of the APP! It sounds to me like APP is saying, "Let's move on beyond CPAC's knives-in-the-back to Conservatives."


As many Conservatives are finding out late in the game, CPAC is no Conservative org--they're an Establishment Republican org. They support the GOProud, a liberal homosexual group masquerading as a Republican conservative group.


Secondly, there's the Scandal--a ton of money is missing. David Keene's wife Diana who was fired as bookkeeper when the funds were found to be missing, over $400,000. This was covered by WND in December at


Third, there's another scandal separate from Keene's son's drug scandal and conviction, getting a prison sentence for drug use, for shooting at another motorist and nearly hitting him, etc. On December 14th, Brian Fitzpatrick at WND wrote the above, a scathing piece on CPAC, David Keene and the ACU  titled "CPAC Host Hit With Scandal".


And fourth, CPAC doesn't have a law and order stance on illegal immigration. The true test of a Conservative or a Conservative org is where they stand on the Invasion from Mexico--Amnesty, 1070 (which includes a mandatory E-verify check for all private business employees, current and new, birthright citizenship and attrition thru enforcement). If they waver on any of these aspects, they aren't true Conservatives and cannot be trusted on this and other important issues to Conservatives.


Brian Fitzpatrick at WND wrote:



Last year, David Keene and the ACU became embroiled in yet another embarrassing scandal when they offered to become involved in a National Labor Relations Board dispute between UPS and FedEx.


The ACU asked FedEx for between $2 million and $3 million in return for the group's support through articles written by Keene and other board members. When FedEx refused to pay, the ACU flipped and sided with UPS. Keene regularly writes a column for the Hill newspaper in the nation's capital.


Maury Lane, FedEx's director of corporate communications, told Politico at the time: "Clearly, the ACU shopped their beliefs and UPS bought."


Whitfield denied the organization took any money from UPS. Whitfield said the group has never received a response to its original proposal to FedEx.


Some of the most prominent names in the conservative movement serve as directors of ACU, including: Winter, Blackwell, Ambassador John Bolton, Becky Norton Dunlop and Grover Norquist.


Not a single real Conservative among them, although the book's still out on Bolton as he has not expressed his position on social issues. Norquist is one of the best friends of CAIR and other Islamist orgs who have no business being in the U.S. and, thru Norquist, have ties to Congressional Republicans. It was Norquist who introduced Alamoudi to Karl Rove who brought Alamoudi, a convicted terrorist, to The White House to meet GW Bush right before 9/11. Those of you who don't know about Norquist, I highly recommend Frank Gaffney's "A Troubling Influence" at


APP doesn't have one mention of illegal immigration or the Constitution on it's "About" or "Home" pages. They are faux conservatives who want to avoid those issues probably due to big business donors who would yank support if APP pushed them. Not coincidentally, illegal immigration and the Constitution are very big parts of the Independent Conservative Tea Party movement which is the true Conservative movement within the Tea Party movement.

Does APP sound like a Conservative org to you anymore than CPAC and the ACU do?

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