Black Cleveland Bus Driver Attacked By Angry Black Woman Who Punches And Spits On Him, Decks Her With Uppercut, Is Suspended (my version of title)


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The driver--whose name is not being revealed--has been suspended and will probably be fired. I hope his union gets him a good lawyer--maybe Larry Klayman!--to defend him and give him his job back.


BTW, if he had really "connected" with the uppercut, she'd have been layed out.


The Comments are 99% pro-driver. Americans are furious about this and rightly so. The skank wins, driver loses. She attacked him and called him racial slurs. That isn't right. She should have been arrested. She probably has a record.


One thing is for sure--the driver would probably be elected Mayor if he'd run for office! Cleveland desperately needs a law-and-order Mayor to stop the flash mobs, etc.


My thanks to for posting this story.

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