Congressmen Must Be Made To Understand The Dangers Of HR 2164 (by Dave Levine)


UPDATE: A member of one of the anti-Invasion activist orgs contacted Congressman Steve King's office to ask why Rep. King was on the below "pro-HR 2164 list" that I had put together over the past 2 weeks using various urls listing the bill's supporters and Co-Sponsors. I should have been more careful as I inadvertently listed Congressman King as "a supporter" in black (in the list below). I removed his name from the list this morning. Whoever that activist was who contacted Congressman Steve King's office, I want to thank him/her as no one else had "corrected" me on this.


Congressman King's Communications Director told me, "Congressman King hasn't taken a position on HR 2164", that he's reviewing the pros and cons of the legislation" and that is good to know. If Congressman King comes out in support of the bill, I'll definitely have a response. If he comes out against it, I'll definitely have a response. The Dave Levine Show has been a strong supporter of Congressman King for years. The only issue I've had with him is his voting to extend The Patriot Act on May 26th. I hope that Congressman King will decide to join Congressman Lou Barletta (R-PA) in opposing HR 2164.


If there are other Congressmen listed as supporters (in black) who haven't taken a position on the bill or who have come out in opposition to the bill, I hope someone will inform me. I want to thank Congressman King's Communications Director for contacting me on this issue.


If you go to the above url posted by me on July 12th, you'll see that more Conservative Congressmen are coming out in support of Rep. Lamar Smith's HR 2164--the myopic and dangerous National E-verify Act, an Act that would preempt the states from enforcing 1070 and E-verify laws already passed and on the books. 


The bill pits Congressmen once considered tough on illegal immigration like Rep. Lamar Smith, Rep. Sue Myrick, Rep. Jason Chaffetz. Rep. Ted Poe, Rep. John Culbertson and Rep. Walter B. Jones along with three major anti-illegal immigration orgs (all of them inside the Beltway)--FAIR, NumbersUSA and CIS--against grass roots Conservatives along with many leaders of the anti-Invasion movement like Kris Kobach, State Sen. Russell Pearce, State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, Phyllis Schlafly, Michael Cutler, Rick Oltman and so far, just one Conservative Congressman--Rep. Lou Barletta--along with the activist org ALIPAC, NCFire, Rep. Metcalfe's SLLI org, Texas IRCOT and possibly Patriot Action Network--one of Tea Party powerhouse Resistnet leader Darla Dawald's orgs which had this outstanding post on July 17th titled "They Can't ALL Be Wrong--FIX IT OR PULL IT!" at


Those supporting the bill like FAIR and NumbersUSA admit that they're willing to "sell out" AL, AL, GA, IN, SC and UT and the E-verify states to get CA, NY, IL, TX and FL on the E-verify bandwagon. Yet, they can't seem to show where "the enforcement" in the Act is.


In a way, I'm glad that Rep. Smith came out with HR 2164 because it has EXPOSED these groups like FAIR and NumbersUSA for what they are--sell-outs! Instead of telling Chairman Smith to dispense with the preemption and grandfathering clauses, they attack grass roots activists like us because the bill destroys 1070 and E-verify laws in the states! That shows how disconnected they are. It makes a mockery of the thousands of illegals fleeing Alabama and Georgia right now due to their 1070 laws going into or about to go into effect. It's because of their 1070 laws, not E-verify! 7 states have E-verify as mandatory and four of them have 1070 laws, too. Are the illegals fleeing MS, NC and TN? No! Why? E-verify alone won't cause illegals to leave a state--tough 1070 laws will!

I would bet that many Tea Party orgs will be against it once they find that the Chamber of Horrors helped craft the bill and that the bill would take away power the states have with respect to illegal immigration, an insane move especially now that Chamber v. Whiting was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court giving the states "the E-verify go-ahead" (to put it in simplistic terms).


"Never has the movement been so divided!", were the words of Kansas Sec. of State, Kris Kobach in his viral youtube on June 22nd before the Missouri Eagle Forum.


Some of the following Congressmen must be made to realize that HR 2164 is a BAD bill and must either have the preemption clause removed and loopholes closed or they should pull their support for the bill.


They must see Kris Kobach's speech at


If for some reason you can't play the above youtube speech, here's Kobach's piece on HR 2164 at NRO


Here's the list of those supporting HR 2164 so far. There are probably others and I'll add them as they come in. The Congressmen in red are Co-Sponsors:


Rep. Sensenbrenner

Rep. Coble

Rep. Gallegly

Rep. Goodlatte

Rep. Lungren

Rep. Issa

Rep. Pence 

Rep. Gohmert

Rep. Jordan

Rep. Poe

Rep. Chaffetz

Rep. Griffin

Rep. Marino

Rep. Gowdy

Rep. Ross

Rep. Adams

Rep. Quayle

Rep. Hunter

Rep. Westmoreland

Rep. Roe

Rep. Jones

Rep. West

Rep. McClintock

Rep. McKeon

Rep. Pearce


If enough Congressmen currently supporting HR 2164 can be "turned", perhaps Rep. Smith will perhaps "listen" and remove the preemption clause and remove the clause that protects the 8 to 10 million illegals working for a paycheck in the U.S. but we highly doubt it.


However, if (as I suspect it will be) this dangerous bill is passed by the House, law and order Conservatives like us will have the unpleasant task of joining forces with the likes of Senate Leader Harry Reid and La Raza--not to mention the ACLU--in opposing the bill in the Senate.


A bad bill is a bad bill and sometimes, politics breeds strange bedfellows. We'll do what it takes to stop this bill from becoming law.


NOTE: I've added three more sell-out Republican Congressmen who've signed up as Co-Sponsors of this bill--Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA), Rep. Buck McKeon (R-CA) and Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM). Notice that all three are in liberal-controlled states that don't have and will likely never have E-verify or 1070 as state law. So, essentially, this is a "Big State vs Little State" battle with the big states' Congressmen not giving a hoot about what happens to the smaller states who've worked hard to pass their tougher versions of 1070 and E-verify. And THAT, fellow Patriots, is the epitome of "myopic"!


We have to make sure that the little states win this battle.


Dave Levine

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