Former #NeverTrump Leader Jumps On The Trump Train (by Dave Levine)

Former #NeverTrump Conservative Jumps On The Trump Train

by Dave Levine

Over the last two weeks, one of the leaders of the #NeverTrump movement has come out in an interview saying she's voting for evil, the Despot, the Maniac, the Sociopath. In an interview, she denied she was ever #NeverTrump.

This naturally has shocked the movement. Conservatives who sent money to her supposedly #NeverTrump PAC justifiably feel jilted. When you lose a leader you trusted, it hurts. Then the hurt turns to anger and you heal.

What also happens is our resolve to defeat the Maniac becomes even stronger. And thus, the pain we felt from this "shafting" by one of the former leaders is minimized and we can move on.

I wish I could say "good luck" to this person.

If you're wondering "who" this person is, find Kendal Unruh on Facebook. She posted the news yesterday (9/12) there.


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