Here's What An Actual Doctor Says About That Hillary Collapse Video And It's Not Good (by The Right Scoop)

Dr. Milton Wolf is a Conservative and a doctor in Kansas.

Here's what he says in many Twitter statements:


Key fact in : She suffered cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (brain blood clots). Only ~half of these patients fully recover.

Sinus thrombosis (brain blood clots) is a big, big deal. Significant risk of morbidity/mortality. Strokes, seizures, etc.

Vast majority of sinus thrombosis caused by hypercoagulable states.We know this is  case because she's on long-term Coumadin.

We know  has had residual/recurrent neurological deficits: vision, balance, memory. So we know she didn't fully recover.

KEY FACT: We know about sinus thrombosis (of SSS) causes strokes in 75% and intracranial hemorrhage in 60% of patients.

We also know that  include lasting neurological deficits: at least including vision, balance, and memory disturbances.

This is not a "faint" or a "stumble." Dehydration/pneumonia does not cause rigidity and spasticity. 

ANOTHER KEY FACT:  requires long-term Coumadin blood thinner. This is a big, big deal … particularly for a fall-risk patient.

Coumadin is a dangerous drug and NEVER prescribed to normal, healthy patients. Never. It has a significant risk of bleeding.

There are newer, safer blood thinners than Coumadin. We know one was tried on  but failed so they went to the big guns.

Coumadin is a powerful, dangerous drug. Originally developed as a rat poison. Saves lives but at substantial risk. 

Risks of Coumadin are profound: Spontaneous hemorrhage (intracranial and elsewhere) is very real and relatively common.

Risks of untreated hypercoagulable states also profound: Blood clotting causing stroke, heart attack, pulmonary emboli etc.

 doctors determined risk of Coumadin in fall-risk patient is lower than the risk of her suffering more thrombosis. Both high.

These are difficult decisions, to choose between two bad options, each with substantial risk of morbidity and mortality.

I'll say it again, whatever your politics, say a prayer for. These are serious matters and you deserve to know the truth.


Hillary should drop out NOW and name a replacement for her own safety. She's a very sick woman.

Much thanks to The Right Scoop for posting these responses from Dr. Wolf.

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