Jill Harth Speaks Out About Alleged Sexual Assault By Trump In 1992 And 1993, Demands Apology (video) (my version of title by GodIsEveryWhere)


The above interview took place on July 16, 2016. Dan Abrams is founder of Law Newz.

Harth IS NOT "Katie Johnson" who has filed a $100 million lawsuit against Trump for rape when she was 13 in 1994.

Here is the full description of the background of Harth's claims:


EXCLUSIVE: Fmr. Trump Business Associate Accuses Him of Sexual Assault, Demands Apology

In her first ever on-camera interview (see above), Jill Harth, who accused Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her in the 1990’s, spoke out to LawNewz founder Dan Abrams. Harth has also hired high profile Los Angeles based attorney, Lisa Bloom, to represent her and Bloom is sure making it sound like they may soon sue the presidential hopeful for defamation.

As LawNewz first unearthed in February, Harth filed a lawsuit against the real estate mogul in 1997 accusing him of sexual assault, including “groping” her under her dress on several occasions, “forcibly” moving her to his daughter’s bedroom at Mar-a-Lago in an “attempted rape,” and repeatedly and aggressively propositioning her. On Monday, she not only stood by those allegations but demanded that Trump retract his statements earlier this year in which he called some of her claims “false” and “libelous.”

“I know I am going to have backlash, but I have been through enough. Bring it on. I’m a lot stronger now than I was 20 years ago,” she told Abrams.

Harth first met Trump in 1992 when she and her then-husband, George Houraney, were in the beauty pageant business. She used to run a model search called the American Dream Calendar Girl. Trump went into business with the couple, and agreed to sponsor some of their events. But, she says, shortly after their first pageant contest together, things quickly went south with their business relationship after she says she rebuffed his repeated, and unending sexual advances.

“It was in one of the children’s room of Mar-a-Lago. He is showing this mural and the next thing I know he was pushing me up against the wall, and was making a move on me, and was all over me and again I was taken aback. I was shocked he was doing this and there were people around. It was unsettling, I was nervous, and I couldn’t understand why he was doing with me. I had to push him off of me,” she recounted.

In 1995, the couple’s company, American Dream, sued Trump for breach of contract, and it was during that case that Harth said comments from Trump put her over the edge.


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