Pro-Bachmann PAC Says She Is Pro-1070 But She Won't Tell Us Her Position On HR 2164


The above title by yours truly.


In a May 2010 video interview seen below with Tony Katz, Rep. Bachmann came out for 1070 in Arizona (The state had just seen the bill signed into law on April 23, 2010):


Now, more than a year later, Ms. Bachmann is a candidate for President. About 12 days ago, I received an email from Congresswoman Bachmann's Press Secretary Alice Stewart saying, "Ms. Bachmann hasn't taken a position on HR 2164 and she won't be appearing as a Guest on your show." How can she not have a position on a bill that would destroy 1070 and E-verify laws at the state level?


You can't be FOR 1070 laws and FOR HR 2164 which will destroy them! It's one or the other!


If you're Rep. Walter B. Jones, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Rep. McClintock, Rep. Gohmert, Rep. Bilbray and other phony law and order House Conservatives, you're "a sell-out" to the anti-Invasion movement and a complete hypocrite. You can't speak out of both sides of your mouth on 1070 and hope to get re-elected next year as the following Republican Congressmen and Congresswomen have done.


Here's the list I made from a July 20, 2011 post (see link above) of those Republican House members supporting HR 2164. There are probably others and I'll add them as I hear about them. The Congressmen in red are Co-Sponsors:


Rep. Sensenbrenner

Rep. Coble

Rep. Gallegly

Rep. Goodlatte

Rep. Lungren

Rep. Issa

Rep. Pence 

Rep. Gohmert

Rep. Jordan

Rep. Poe

Rep. Chaffetz

Rep. Griffin

Rep. Marino

Rep. Gowdy

Rep. Ross

Rep. Adams

Rep. Quayle

Rep. Hunter

Rep. Westmoreland

Rep. Roe

Rep. Jones

Rep. West

Rep. McClintock

Rep. McKeon

Rep. Pearce


That May 2010 video intervew with Tony Katz is fine, but I want to hear Ms. Bachmann reiterate her support for ALL 1070 laws (including HB 56 in Alabama) and follow that up by coming out AGAINST the 1070-destroyer bill HR 2164.


Will Rep. Bachmann show the nation that she IS in fact a 1070 supporter and come out AGAINST HR 2164 or will she stab 1070 states in the back and back Rep. Lamar Smith's bill?


There is no "in between" on this issue--either she's FOR 1070 or she's AGAINST it!






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