Rick Perry Tries To Defend 10 Years Of Doing Nothing About Illegal Immigration (by Dave Levine)



The above url by Molly Ball at Politico.


Gov. Rick Perry is feeling the heat from Conservatives who know he's a fraud, a Democrat in Republican clothing, a liberal on many issues especially his friends he doesn't want to anger--the millions of illegal aliens in his state. So he's now trying to sound tough like a law and order Conservative which is an insult to us all.


He pulled out some crap about "caring for the 10th Amendment", saying that he "didn't want Texas police to become government agents", essentially shutting the door on a very successful program called 287.g. How does 1070 hurt Texas? If a similarly tough immigration bill was passed and signed into law there, hundreds of thousands of illegals would pour out of the state! Jobs would be plentiful for American workers currently out of work and rents would plummet! Crime would also diminish. Look at what's happened in AL, AZ, GA and SC! Illegals poured out of those states even before their 1070 laws went into effect. Those 1070 laws have been very successful.


He talks 1070 down because he says "What works for one state won't work in another." What's there not to work in 1070?


Perry has a dangerous position on illegal aliens in our military. He says,


"To a follow-up about whether illegal immigrants who serve in the armed forces should be allowed to become citizens, he said, “Yes sir, I think there is a path to citizenship for those young men and women who have served their country.”


What he doesn't say is that most of the illegals in our Armed Forces are gang bangers who will be more dangerous to Americans once they get out, trained to kill even more efficiently and some have done just that and that started under Bush-Rumsfeld and was called "The Moral Waiver Program". Unfortunately for our fighting me, at least 2 were murdered by these illegal gang banger-recruits.




Dave Gibson at Examiner.com reported




2 out of every 100 Army recruits are gangbangers.

Gov. Perry talks tough but he ain't foolin' us. I'm reminded of the words we used to yell at Clinton--"Liar, liar, pants on fire!"


My thanks to americanpatrol.com for posting this.

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