Romney Loses The Election--Six Weeks Early (by Dave Levine)


Romney Loses The Election--Six Weeks Early

by Dave Levine





As I've written here and talked about on the Show for years now, Mitt Romney is an ideologue on the wrong side of the law and order fence and always has been. He only "sounds" tough on third rail issues like illegal immigration (as in "illegal aliens must self-deport") when he needs Conservative votes. Now that he has the nomination, he feels he can shaft Conservative voters in a massive, pro-Amnesty "hispandering" effort that began back in January after McCain privately chided him for pushing "self-deportation". We didn't hear about that "conversation" until many months later, long after his January 11th lauding in the MSM of 1070 co-author Kris Kobach as his Immigration Advisor yet who he now tells us he has "never met" and who he denies is his Immigration Advisor (I have to believe Romney when he says this as Kobach WOULD NEVER advise him to push for legalization/Amnesty!).

As a longtime pro-big business pol, Romney wants the 40 to 60 million Federal lawbreakers (and now, state lawbreakers in 7 states) known as "illegal aliens" (80% or more of them Mexican nationals) to remain in the U.S. or to return to Mexico long enough to get their papers--the "touchback" scheme he and Congressman Mike Pence have pushed since 2006--and then return to America as legal aliens. Whichever it is--a General Amnesty or the "touchback Amnesty" scheme--it will result in the legalization of 40 to 60 million illegal aliens.


For some reason, Romney has an aversion to the Federal Government doing what the law requires it to do--arresting and deporting unauthorized persons living among us and prosecuting those who aid and abet them. Why does he have such an aversion? Probably in part due to those running The Republican Party for years being "preoccupied" (no pun intended) with the notion I call "The Rovian Fallacy" and partly due to the fact that politicians of all stripes are human and want to be liked and not loathed or hated by voters and non-voters and because these pols are afraid of a negative legacy--as "the President who told illegal aliens to 'Get out!'".

While wanting your fellow Americans and illegal aliens to like you and to want Americans to vote for you are understandable sentiments, letting these "drive" a politician into going against the Constitution and/or Federal law (which our Government officials swear an oath to obey and uphold) should not be disregarded by voters as simple "political expediency"--it should be condemned and that politician taken to the woodshed.


I believe the speech last night by Romney "in full hispandering mode" is deserving of such condemnation in part because it is precisely what Soetoro-Obama has said and led with but more importantly, because it defies Federal law and is essentially tying the hands of ICE agents. This speech shows Americans thinking of voting for Romney that he's going to be no different than Soetoro-Obama on illegal immigration.


Here's what he said. Notice that he calls illegal aliens "people" instead of "illegal aliens", showing he has disdain for the truth:


"We're not going to round up people around the country and deport them. We need to provide a long-term solution."


Thus, President Romney is going to give 40 to 60 million illegal aliens in the U.S. a General Amnesty. What else IS there? De facto Amnesty, which would be leaving things as they are along with the third option--enforcing the law.


There are only three things a President can do legally regarding illegal aliens already in the U.S.:


1) Urge Congress to pass a General Amnesty bill he wants to sign, what I call "The McCain Route" (something the American people oppose by over 70%) which will increase the Invasion by untold numbers and destroy the nation,


2) Do nothing and allow the de facto Amnesty (not counting the illegal Executive Amnesty by Soetoro-Obama) to continue or


3) Appoint an Army General or retired General to head an all-out effort (as Ike did with Gen. String in Operation Wetback in 1954) to remove or force out of the country as many illegal aliens as possible while also instructing ICE to go back to the highly successful June-July 2004 raids on businesses in Southern California and urge Congress to make breaking into the U.S. a felony and at the same time, sealing the Southern Border with at least 25,000 National Guard troops.


Romney has chosen "The McCain Route" after fooling a number of Conservatives (not including myself) into thinking he was going to follow 1070 co-author Kris Kobach and get tough on illegals and their lawbreaking employers.


In doing so and together with his "Let 'em eat cake!" speech in May 2012 in Boca Raton, FL posted by Mother Jones, Romney has just lost the Election--six weeks early.


NOTE: I'm often debated by ABOs (anyone but Obama voters, some of whom are Conservatives) who cry,


"But there will be at least two seats on the SCOTUS that the President will need to fill!" as Bader-Ginsburg has cancer and Stevens is close to retirement.


My response is simple: The Court is now 5-4 Conservative, generally speaking, with Justice Kennedy being the swing vote. Romney's 23 liberal-left-wing judicial appointments as Governor of MA proves he can't be trusted with "strict contructionist appointments" to either the Federal courts or the SCOTUS.


If Soetoro-Obama is reelected, he'll appoint two leftist replacements for Bader-Ginsburg and Stevens; that's a given. And that will leave the Court as it is now, 5-4 Conservative for a net loss of "0".


For disbelieving ABOs, I highly recommend "Michael's" piece on August 15, 2012 at


Regarding rumors that leftist Democrat orgs are pushing Soetoro-Obama (if reelected) to use EOs for a General Amnesty over the next 4 years, I say "Go ahead, make our day!" Congress will fight it tooth and nail and so will the People in the courts. Perhaps that effort will spur the GOP into returning to its Conservative roots!


But a Romney General Amnesty via Congress versus an illegal Amnesty by Executive Order from Soetoro-Obama? I'll take the illegal Amnesty as it can be fought against in court. A General Amnesty via Congress cannot be overturned in court.


My thanks to for headlining Romney's speech last night at the University of Miami, Florida and titling it "Romney Goes Softy".




















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