The Right Scoop IS NOT A #NeverTrump Blog: It's Run By A Trumpster (by Dave Levine)

The Right Scoop IS NOT A #NeverTrump Blog: It's Run By A Trumpster

by Dave Levine

I'm frankly sick of sites/blogs that claim to be "Conservative" and turn out to be run by Trumpsters, RINOs, anti-Conservatives. Only an anti-Conservative would call true Conservatives "purists" like it's a pejorative term.

For about a year now, I've been blogging at The Right Scoop, a supposedly anti-Trump blog. All along, it's been clear that the owner "RS" is not a Conservative like the rest of us there. He has on past occasions slammed the #NeverTrump Patriots on that blog--the regular posters--as being "purists". 

At one point earlier this year, I left that blog after receiving a slight by RS in an email to me, but I returned to blog a week later and everything seemed to be okay.

Now with the Election less than two months away, Trumpsters are getting desperate that their maniac-leader isn't moving higher in the polls against the very ill Hillary Clinton.

The bottom line? An anti-Trump site should not be run/owned by someone who is pro-Trump. That's a major conflict-of-interest!

99% of those posting at The Right Scoop are #NeverTrump Patriots. They're awesome! I consider them friends.

I will look into starting my own blog--a true #NeverTrump blog--which #NeverTrump Patriots deserve.

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