Tide Turning On Gang Of Eight Amnesty Bill? Sessions Says So, Deploys Borjas Strategy (by Patrick Cleburne at vdare.com)


It certainly seems to be turning--against the bill.


Senator Sessions neglected to mention these facts:


One thing the Senator didn't tell us in his interview is something that could help defeat this bill--the fact that illegals once Amnestied (at least until their families in Mexico/Central America can get into the U.S. legally via this bill) will continue sending a large their earnings out of the country, some have estimated it to be $200 billion a year. This is money we'll never see again.
The bill won't change their behavior--the legalized illegals will continue to be "a drain" on the economy, notwithstanding the Additional Tax Credit abuse that keeps them from paying Federal taxes on their earnings here. The American taxpayer will continue paying welfare for the 40 to 60 million illegals who would be legalized.


My thanks to americanpatrol.com for posting Cleburne's piece.

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