WOWZER! Cantor Losing Badly To Anti-Amnesty Brat In VA Primary Upset (my version of title by Politico)

With 87% of the vote in, pro-Amnesty Eric Cantor--the House Majority Leader--is getting his ass handed to him by anti-Amnesty candidate Dave Brat in the Virginia Primary! Cantor is down by 11 percentage points, a huge deficit! POLITICO has declared Dave Brat THE WINNER!!


If THIS doesn't show that Conservatives won't tolerate the Invasion and in particular Amnesty, NOTHING will!


This COULD cause RINOs to lose in November IF Conservatives "do the right thing" and vote for the Democrat candidates such as in Boehner's case (where the RINO has already won the primary).


The GOP holds a 33-seat advantage in the House. That means they can afford to lose 21-25 seats held by RINOs and still maintain the advantage.


It's up to Conservatives to go after those 21-25 RINOs and knock them out!


My thanks to for posting this incredibly important story!

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Comment by Larry Jordan on June 26, 2014 at 2:31am

Dave, I am working on the 21 RINOs identified as targeted for contractual non renewal this November. I am looking at Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin. His CURRENT is B+,  RECENT @ A,  and  CAREER @ A. Is selecting

this rep for one bad grade being unreasonable? I hate to see such an excellent overall grade being determined by one -- although important -- poor / bad grade. Is there something I'm missing that you are aware of. Just 

probing this aspect on this person.

Larry Jordan

New Member as of yesterday.


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